The supplier shall comply with all applicable legal provisions/obligations, both for the line of business and in accordance with the national laws of the Countries in which it operates.

The supplier shall comply with all applicable legislation, regulations and standards in terms of Health, Safety and Environment in order to promote and enhance a healthy and safe working environment in order to prevent accidents and diseases throughout the value chain.

The supplier assumes responsibility within its own value chain, assuming the management of the standards of conduct applicable to it. It agrees, encourages and promotes high ethical values as well as the practice of international standards, in terms of Human Rights, Health, Safety and Environment, as long as it is related to a contractual link with STET, S.A..

The supplier is expected to communicate the content of this Code of Conduct for Suppliers to its employees and subcontractors, as well as to any business partner involved in the supply of products and services to STET, S.A, as well as to ensure their adherence to these standards. STET, S.A reserves the right, with due notice, to make enquiries whenever necessary to verify compliance with this Code of Conduct for Suppliers;

As part of a conduct of maximum transparency and communication, the supplier must be aware of any and all circumstances that are (or may become) a breach of this Code of Conduct for Suppliers. In these situations we require that the situation be reported to STET, S.A.

Any breach of this Supplier Code of Conduct will be considered as a breach of contract by the supplier, and STET, S.A. reserves the right to act accordingly and in accordance with the terms negotiated and stated in the contract.


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