Did you know that electricity production only uses 40% of fuel efficiency?

Using heat produced by fuel as a byproduct of the process increases fuel efficiency by more than 75%. Make the most of available energy resources while always keeping in mind what's best for the environment.

STET has extensive experience in the development and maintenance of combined heat and electricity solutions, solutions that are durable, economical and reliable. We use highly efficient heat exchangers to absorb heat from cooling water in engines, oil coolers and exhaust gas for the production of hot water or steam. These can then be used for heating, absorption in chillers or in other processes.

Our team has experienced technicians with high levels of expertise in cogeneration projects who provide you the commercial and technical advice you need for your project. We offer turnkey solutions to design, manufacture and maintain natural gas and biogas cogeneration plants. We study feasibility, execute and monitor the project, support financing needs and guarantee commissioning and maintenance throughout its useful life.

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