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STET and Caterpillar know that engine parts withstand incredible stress and extreme temperatures. Therefore, Cat® engine components function as a complete system, manufactured to give the engine new life. 
Test after test demonstrates critical differences between Cat® engine parts and those of the competition – differences that allow Cat® engine components to improve: 
   + Engine performance
   + Increased productivity
   + Reduction of operating and ownership costs

With guaranteed fit and function, Cat® Parts offer the right combination of quality and price for engines. They also offer something that other brands never can - the full support of Caterpillar's specialized technicians. Don't know which engine parts are right for your equipment? Contact us.

   + Engine Heads
   + Crankshafts
   + Joints and Seals
   + Valves
   + Piston and Piston Rings
   + Linings
   + Planetary Gears
   + Connecting Rods
   + Radiators
   + Thermostats
   + Water Pumps
   + Spark Plugs
   + Turbos
   + Fuel Injectors
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