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It has been proven that the use of high-quality filters ensures superior system cleanliness and reduces wear of components, avoiding costly breakdowns. Cat® are all designed with maximum protection in mind, using the industry's most advanced technologies. 

Preventing component wear, protecting the engine and maintaining the performance of all systems are the best reasons to make these filters a key part of your equipment's productivity.

STET and Caterpillar are committed to providing their customers the best solutions and advice because we have the experience, resources and technology to best meet your Cat® equipment needs and specifications. Contact us!

Air Filter
Cat® are built to work in all types of environments, including those with a high level of dust. The protection of persons and machines against these contaminants is essential. With Cat® Air Filters, protect your health and safety, as well as the service life of components and the performance of your machine.

ENGINE AIR FILTERS - Recommended for applications where very fine dust represents a large percentage of atmospheric contaminants and where working conditions involve a lot of smoke.

CABIN AIR FILTERS - Designed to reduce airborne irritants, creating a cleaner and more comfortable working environment for the operator. 

Inadequate air filtering can reduce engine power, hurt performance and even lead to malfunctions. Choosing the right filters for equipment is a critical factor for ensuring good performance. 
Cat® Engine Oil Filters were designed to maximize the cleanliness of an engine and its oil, correspond to oil change intervals and offer the best machine performance and component protection.


The highly differentiated design enables the engine parts to function properly and prevents the loss of efficiency and premature failure because:
   + Acrylic accessories avoid grouping
   + Spiral wire increases the stability of folds
   + A central nylon tube prevents contamination of the metal
   + Molded end caps prevent leaks

We offer Standard, Advanced and Ultra High Efficiency Oil Filters to better meet the needs of your machine and application.
The improved design and more precise engineering leave even more space between Cat® engine components than before. So using the right filter is more important than ever. Without an appropriate fuel filter, the engine can become clogged by unwanted debris such as dust and rust, restricting fuel flow and slowing down performance as the engine struggles to pull in too much fuel to continue running. 

Cat® Fuel Filters are specifically designed to retain the smallest particles that cause the greatest damage to fuel injectors, fuel pumps and other engine parts. Keep your machine running at peak performance using Cat® Fuel Filters.
Cat® Hydraulic and Transmission Filters are designed to maximize the cleanliness of the system and offer the best machine performance and component protection. Because of the differences between hydraulic and transmission systems, it is important to choose the right filter for each system.

CAT® HYDRAULIC FILTERS - The key to extending hydraulic and power train life is to reduce contamination. Selecting the right filter is essential to minimizing damage to components caused by abrasives. We offer Standard, Advanced and Ultra High Efficiency Filters.

CAT TRANSMISSION FILTERS - Designed to minimize cold starting while maintaining proper cleaning levels. They have a significantly higher dirt holding capacity and perform better in cold climates.
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