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Cat® Fluids were specifically designed for Caterpillar machines and provide longer engine life and performance. They were created and tested by specialists under extreme conditions and applications. STET and Caterpillar offer a variety of Greases, Coolants and Oils for specific applications and components.

Don't put your investment at risk by using other brands of fluids. Although they may meet industry standards, only Caterpillar has the in-depth knowledge to design fluids that deliver maximum performance within Cat® Machines and Engines. And since they are developed, tested and approved according to the Caterpillar's exacting standards, our customers can safely use their entire fleet. 

The use of quality fluids is a key element for the health of your equipment.

STET and Caterpillar offer the right coolant to meet the needs of your machine or fleet. Extended Life Coolants, as well as conventional coolant/antifreeze, are included in our product line.
To help extend the life of the coolant, we also have a wide range of additives that allow you to extend the replacement intervals, saving you time and money.
Test kits and tools help prevent machine downtime because of the early change interval and provide early detection of problems, preventing serious damage to the component.
After finding brands in the market that no longer offered sufficient protection, Caterpillar developed its own grease, ensuring superior protection for the planet's most adverse environments.
Cat® Grease was designed specifically for Cat® Machines in order to reduce many wear problems, such as irritation and abrasion, and to help prevent gripping. It is also corrosion resistant and can be washed with water or salt water.

  + CAT® MULTI-PURPOSE GREASES - For general lubrication in moderate climates

  + CAT® PREMIUM GREASES - For maximumperformance in moderate and extreme climates

  + SPECIALTY GREASES - Ball Bearing, White Assembly, High Vacuum, Hammer Paste and Cat Exposed Gear Lubricant.
Cat® oils are developed, tested and approved to meet the strict requirements of our customers. Each oil was specifically designed to offer superior protection and to maximize component service life and can be used in various applications and components.

  + Axle and Final Drive - For trucks, track-type tractors, pipelayers and forestry tractors
  + Diesel Engine and Natural Gas - Protects diesel engines of earthmoving, commercial and marine equipment and trucks
  + Gear - For manual transmissions, differentials and final drives, in addition to joints from Cat® lubricated track joints
  + Synthetic Gear - For direct transmissions, differentials,
final drives and Cat® lubricated track joints
  + Hydraulic Fluid - For protection of hydraulic system components
  + Specialty - For rear axles of Backhoe Loaders
  + Transmission and Powertrain Oil - For transmissions, final drives, brakes and hydraulic compartments.
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