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Ground Engaging Tools

Ground Engaging Tools (GET) are the only reinforced tools designed with business in mind - created by the industry leader and designed to work in conjunction with Cat® Buckets and Machines. The result is a ground engaging system optimized for productivity. 

Choosing the right ground engaging tool can make a big difference in your operational productivity and profitability. That's why we offer a wide variety of ground engaging equipment created according to the specific demands of each application.

Construction, mining, agricultural and earthmoving customers rely on high quality Cat® Ground Engaging Tools (GET) for maximum protection against structural hazards and machine wear to protect blades, buckets and ripper teeth, which are the most expensive components.

Boost the productivity of your machine according to Ground Engaging Tools for your specific business applications. If you have any questions about the right parts for your equipment, please contact our specialized technicians.

Cat® blades for Motor Graders, Wheel Loaders and Wheel Dozers offer a balanced system to transport more materials for a longer period of time, with less downtime. 

Saw cutting edges increase ground engagement capacity in highly compacted soil or applications with higher impact load requirements. This gives the machine more versatility without requiring a change of bucket or adding other ground engaging tools to the existing bucket.

Ideal for moving materials with abrasion and medium impact. Used on both sides, their reversibility saves costs. The use of a different ground engaging tool may reduce its engagement capacity, increase fuel consumption and reduce production.
We have a wide range of Cat® tips in different shapes and sizes, ensuring that we have what you need for your specific application. Striking the right balance between strength, penetrability and wear resistance is vital to choosing the right shape for your application.

SERIES J TIPS (Lateral pin) – High performance and reliability with proven reliability over time. That's what you get with this classic horizontal pin retention system.

SERIES K TIPS (Vertical pin) – The Series K™ tooth system has a lower profile shape that maintains sharpness against wear. This means better penetration, higher productivity and less effort on the part of equipment.
Cat® adapters accept various angles of tip engagement - customized to your loader, excavator or scraper.

Cat® Wear Protection was designed to protect machines, buckets and other important components of Cat® equipment in order to ensure less downtime and greater productivity. The wide variety of forms and sizes offer the ultimate in wear protection in virtually any environment or application.

Some Cat® Wear Protection solutions for your equipment:
   + Protection Bars
   + Mechanically Installed Wear Plate System
   + Limiter Deflectors - Straight and Curved
   + Wear Pads
   + Stabilizing Bars
   + Screw Protectors
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