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Today's equipment is based heavily on hydraulics. Therefore, the decisions of owners of machines concerning the hydraulics of equipment directly affect the final result more and more.

We work with hydraulic equipment on a daily basis and have the products, services and knowledge to help you make the right decisions to:
   + Achieve maximum component life
   + Extend oil change intervals
   + Keep the hydraulic system running at maximum efficiency
   + Minimize service costs and unplanned downtime

If you are undecided or don't know the type of hydraulic equipment you should buy for your equipment, consult our specialized technicians. We are ready to assist you.


 + Convenience – One part number indicates all the right seals for the application.
 + Quality – Cat® Seal Kits have seals for Cat® Hydraulic cylinder seals, designed for durability and longer service life.
 + Protection - Careful packaging helps to protect seals against contaminants that may reduce the hydraulic system's performance.
 + Value – Readily available for most cylinder applications, Cat® Seal Kits cost less than seals when individually ordered.
Whether you have one or one hundred machines, and regardless of your equipment or application, make Cat® Hydraulic Hoses your preferred connection.
From knowledge, design, manufacturing and testing to the unparalleled support of our specialized technicians, the difference is in the details. 
And performance is long term!
We deliver the right parts and service solutions - including comprehensive hydraulic support - whenever you need it. 
Count on our highly specialized technicians to keep your whole fleet active and operating properly, always maximizing your investment. Talk to us and find out the best tube and fitting solutions we have for you.
Pumps & Motors
Cat® Piston Pumps, Gear Pumps and Hydraulic Engines are designed, manufactured and tested according to the exclusive performance requirements of the Caterpillar equipment models in which they are used.
The design and manufacturing of Cat® Pistons and gear pumps and engines also enable a wide variety of service and repair options.
+ Response up to 25% faster than hydromechanical units
+ Reinforced design for exceptional performance and long service life in mobile construction applications
+ Proven results in a wide variety of construction equipment, including hydraulic excavators, mobile hydraulic power units, loaders, cranes and more.
Repare o seu cilindro hidráulico
Reparamos todas as máquinas e modelos de cilindros hidráulicos de qualquer fabricante

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