Bribery and Corruption are criminal practices that seriously distort the operation of markets and their capacity to generate and distribute wealth.

Bribery and corruption involve illicit acts that can seriously affect an organisation's reputation and brand, giving rise to disciplinary, economic, legal or criminal sanctions for all stakeholders.

We are expected to conduct ourselves in a preventive manner regarding these situations, not only in our activity, but also with our partners, who expect us to avoid and correct any situation that may jeopardise the entire partnership relationship.

Our values and commitment to Ethics at Work and Professional Conduct position us strongly in relation to the promotion and implementation of a Zero Tolerance Policy against Bribery and Corruption, prohibiting and punishing such practices, in all their forms.

The commitments to Work Ethics and Professional Deontology shall be as follows:

  • To combat bribery and corruption practices, not accepting and denouncing illicit or less transparent situations;
  • Promote the success of the professional activity, refusing, however, any advantage obtained at the expense of dignity or conscious moral compromise;
  • Establish ethical standards of respectful and professional behaviour to be complied with;
  • To foster the loyalty of partners through win-win strategies, meeting the expectations of all stakeholders in an honest business manner;
  • Ensure the use of its resources in a sustainable, efficient and balanced way;
  • Decide against itself, in case of conflict of interest or apparent conflict of interest.

If you have any questions about this Policy or if you suspect any practice of bribery, corruption or ethical non-compliance, please do not hesitate to ask or to report it.

If you are unsure whether a situation could be considered an act of bribery or corruption, you should report it to the STET's Chief Financial Officer or Human Resources Director.

Help prevent corruption by making the right decision.


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