Technology Solutions

Monitor and remotely manage your equipment.

Current equipment generates an immense amount of data from embedded sensors and processors. Cat® Link Technology integrates perfectly with your equipment, increasing its operational performance as well as your competitive advantage.

Cat® Connect Link technologies, like Cat Product Link™, transmit this data wirelessly form machines and transform them into essential information about equipment location, status and productivity, fuel consumption and payload weights useful for cycle times and work progress. The link brings together all Cat Connect technologies to help you to make timely and fact-based decisions in order to increase productivity.

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ProductLink™ is the hardware installed on your equipment that allows you to extract various information from it. Depending on your needs and the GSM coverage of your workplace, Caterpillar offers various types of ProductLink™, allowing communication via GSM or satellite.

VisionLink® is a fleet management software with the capacity to:
+ Collect data generated by your equipment - making them available in a simple and visual manner
+ Analyze data - obtaining a complete picture of your fleet
+ Acquire accurate and up-to-date information - helping you make more informed decisions, based on the subscription level that you consider best suited to your needs.

Some of the information you can obtain:
+ Location
+ Hours
+ Fuel Consumption
+ Equipment Status
+ Productivity
+ Time in operation and downtime
+ Diagnostic codes

With VisionLink®, you can make timely and fact-based decisions to maximize efficiency, improve productivity and reduce your fleet's operating costs.

The Cat Daily subscription level can be accessed through the My.Cat.com platform. All of the others are accessed by the VisionLink® platform.

Would you like to know more about VisionLink® Subscription Plans? Talk to us and find out the best solution to control your fleet.



+ Improve usage, knowing when, where and how each asset is being used
+ Budget and plan projects more accurately
+ Manage your work through a single platform.

+ Monitor and reduce downtime and fuel consumption
+ Consider removing assets that are no longer productive
+ Plan maintenance to avoid unexpected downtime.

+ Improve operator performance identifying training needs
+ Compare productivity and downtimes for each operator to facilitate improvements in performance.

+ Know when situations occur that compromise safety, even when you're not on site
+ Act quickly to prevent accidents and identify training needs.


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