The new generation of Cat® 980, 986K and 988K Block Handlers are here. These versions are designed to withstand the most demanding and difficult environment of block handling and quarry loading applications.

The Cat® 980, 986K and 988K Block Handlers belong to the new generation of Medium Wheel Loaders and were built to operate in rigorous quarry applications, specifically block handling, making the Cat® 980, 986K and 988K Block Handlers the ideal Medium Wheel Loaders for your application.

The features of the new Cat® 980, 986K and 988K Block Handlers work together to give you powerful, durable and reliable machines that meet all your needs.


Comfort as great as your productivity. It's easy for operators of any experience level to be immediately productive with Cat® 980, 986K and 988K Block Handlers. The next generation cab features an adjustable seat and an air suspension system — choose from multiple trim levels and an optional four-point harness. Sound suppression, seals and viscous cab mounts reduce noise and vibration for a quieter work environment that’s less fatiguing. Automatic temperature controls, filtered air, in-cab dashboard, high-resolution touchscreen display and convenient floor storage also contribute to shift-long comfort and productivity.

Ride control is optional on Cat® 980, 986K and 988K Block Handlers — but highly recommended for load-and-carry applications.

An auxiliary accumulator in the lift circuit dampens the linkage motion, acting as a shock absorber. It automatically engages when ground speed reaches a pre-set value to provide a smoother, more comfortable ride over rough terrain or at higher speeds.

Not every operator wants to control the machine the same way. That’s why Cat® 980 Block Handlers give you options. The seat-mounted, electro-hydraulic joystick steering system provides precision control and dramatically reduces arm fatigue, resulting in excellent comfort and accuracy. Or choose familiar steering wheel control instead.


 Productivity and maintenance costs

Get your daily checks and planned maintenance done fast — and get back to work sooner — with Cat® 980, 986K and 988K Block Handlers.

Service points are grouped and located either at ground level or via platform for safety and convenience. There’s also an electrical service center at ground level on the left-hand side of the machine that gives you access to the main circuit breaker, engine circuit breaker, emergency engine shutdown, battery disconnect and remote jumpstart.

The cab entrance of the Cat® 980, 986K and 988K Block Handlers provide quick and easy access to the engine compartment to facilitate daily service checks. Ground-level sight glasses allow you to easily check oil levels on all major components. Grease points are centrally located at ground level, or you can choose the automatic lubrication option that injects grease into link pin joints at regular intervals. The optional access light and service light system under the hood allow illuminated access to the machine and daily checks, even in low visibility situations. Remote Flash works around your schedule to ensure your Cat® 980, 986K and 988K Block Handlers are up to date to increase their performance to the highest level and Remote Troubleshoot connects your Cat® 980, 986K and 988K Block Handlers to your dealer's service department to quickly diagnose problems.

 Safety and visibility

Slips, trips and falls are common causes of injuries on the job. Cat® 980, 986K and 988K Block Handlers help keep your operators and service technicians safe with features like:

  • Stair-like steps with lighting to enter and exit the machine
  • Wide door access
  • Continuous walkways with nonskid surfaces in service areas
  • Strategically placed grab handles
  • Access ladder on the right side of the cab
  • Ground-level or platform-accessible service areas

The excellent visibility the machines provide make operators more confident, productive and a safe workplace. The Cat® 980, 986K and 988K Block Handlers set the standard with:

  • Floor-to-ceiling windshields
  • Z-bar design that opens up sight lines to bucket edges and work area
  • Large mirrors with integrated spot mirrors (heated mirrors optional)
  • Standard rear-vision cameras (360° vision system optional on 980)
  • Optional Cat Detect technology that alerts operators to hazards
  • Optional cab-mounted LED warning beacons

Main features of the Cat® 980, 986K and 988K Block Handlers:

  1. Optimized counterweight delivers the stability and durability required for heavy block-handling payloads.
  2. Larger tilt and lift cylinders on the linkage improve load control and ensure safe, long-lasting operation.
  3. Oversized hydraulics enable fast, productive cycles so you can move more material more efficiently.
  4.  High-rimpull powertrain provides the strength to move the heaviest blocks out of your pit.
  5.  Powershift transmission with lock-up clutch reduces cycle times and improves fuel efficiency on load-and-carry jobs.
  6. Heavy-duty rims with a thicker center disc and rim section carry additional loads common in block-handling applications.
  7. Rack-limiting feature prevents unintended lever contact with the blocks. ty and lengthen time to repair.
  8. Solid-steel lift arms with one-piece castings in key pin areas increase durabili
  9. Front linkage layout maximizes stability by keeping the payload close to the front tires.
  10. Heavy-duty steering cylinder mounts efficiently transmit loads into the frame.